"Doing more with less"  by Buckminster Fuller

"Doing more with less"  by Buckminster Fuller


After a period working the finance industry between Rome and London, I have decided to start a new journey into the world of Design. 

I am a seeker of new challenges, experiences and languages.  

To me being a designer is facing a challenge everyday, walk downtown and think of how I can improve something which has been successful for years or how to create a more efficient way to communicate. 

 I have a strong connection to the minimalist movement especially traditional Japanese design and Swiss typography. My interests also entail architecture and photography  specifically black and white.

My goal as person is to create a place/environment where different cultures can interact, exchange their experiences and ideas in order to provide better understanding of the world for generations to come.  

Giovany J. Lourenco



Based in

East London,
United Kingdom