Experimental Video #1



Camera · Canon 700D

Lens · 50mm f2.8 mm

Software ·  Final Cut Pro X

Materials · Acrylic black & brushes


Need U / This Woman's Work by Oceaán Feat. Låpsley


London, Uk



Abstract me

As part of the Experimental Film & Video course,”The Abstract Self” is a project were i had to portrait myself in conceptual way.

I choose to represent a thin frame of my personality, as I am calm, shy, quiet, romantic, reserved and full of contracts.

This Film reflect the intricate and blurred world of the human personality - through delicate blurred lines and fast movements. Words create feelings and emotions - happiness & anger, love & hate.
Understand a person is not always easy as it seems to be, it’s a game where patient and dedication are the key, we create imaginary personalities in order to protect ourselves because we are afraid to be hurt and don’t really believe somebody will really understand us.

The idea of capturing small details of words painted in a white paper represent the human part of my personality. For me, the process behind this video is really important as it represent's my dedication and way of work, every component of this video is part of what I consider Myself.