Title: Life in Squares

Time/Period: Summer - June/July/August  

Location: depend on the participant 

Media: Photographs/Video

Publication: Web / print (budget to be considered)  

Format: 31 Squares 10cm x 10cm / 5 videos 2min

Composition: photographs with high deep depth of field, black&white colour, capture unconventional angles. 

Target: All

Details: Representation of the essence of the place, show Life/People/Animals manifest.


  • Work with difficult shapes, develop/increase organisation, cooperation, team work skills.
  • Gain the ability to create you own work and integrate with your team.
  • Work outside of your confort zone, look at the world with different prospective create interaction between you and the surrounds, incentivate your creativity and lust for freedom.
  • Gain technical skills in video, sound, photography apply notions of composition.


  • Giovany J. Lourenco
  • A. J. Capistrano
  • Giulia Brancanti
  • Ivy Coles




Why Squares?

Oddly perfect in almost all the occasions squares share they omnipotence in our lives. They are not the most easy shapes to work with, for different reasons - totally absence of panoramic view, 90° angles, no different point of view. 



Just use natural sounds, or created sounds, the less music as possible, look up the sound creation in Interstellar and sound design artist for more inspiration.


6:01 AM Inspiration with We Are FSTVL Podcast By Theo Kottis and Issui Enomoto ° Woke up early and started doing research about different ways to represent our space/ surrounds when I found both video and music and played together was a mystic moment. 

I found really interesting the way Issui explore the roads of Yokohama as his work place and the way of overlapping photographs.