In different forms and shapes

Type -  Found every where, used for everything from signs to decoration or to express feelings


We are surrounded by types from any kind form well designed or bad designed; correctly applies or not but this is not the problem because we barely notice the difference between them unless we are trained for. 

With the proposed brief I will challenge myself to make type noticed and see how the public reacts.

Jack the 13rd Month


With this brief we aim to explore type in three dimensional form. 

We are bringing type back to the human side of the screen.

In recent years there has been a trend amongst graphic designers to move away from the digitally rendered towards a more hands-on approach. This represents an eschewing of the digital aesthetic, rendered exhaustively in the 1990s, enabled by the advent of the Macintosh.

In Andrew Byrom’s foreword to FL@33’s book The 3D Type Book he states “Typographic design is going through a post-digital reaction.”

Karrie Jacobs in the foreword to Abbink and Anderson’s plainly titled book 3D Typography writes “The hunger to “rematerialize” type, as Katherine McCoy described it, is a direct response to type’s increasing dematerialization.” Joseph Egan writes as a foreword in Typoholic “A piece of type that you can touch, walk around and look through will always be more interesting than the same thing on a screen, if only because it is not what we are used to”.

The aim is to take a calendar month and treat the dates (days, hours, minutes perhaps) in 3D form. A2 format. The theme is TIME or a theme of your choice in relation to the month you choose. The materials you choose are part of your creative process. The finished design will be a photograph of your concept.

Research 3D type and type in the environment.