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Power of Love


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We neglate this frame of time which makes us uneasy, scary or curious. 

We take it for granted, Tick & Tack, sometimes comfortable, sometimes monotone or melancholic. My physical representation of that frame between every Tick & Tack is the black, being a colour with such a density which nothing can escape, not even sound.


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We, as human beings have a deep relationship with objects for different reasons - value,  feeling and utility. 

My relation with my objects is based on utility and feelings, I use a fairly small amount of them on my day-to-day, watch, book, eyeglass cover, tie and newspaper.

A conceptual look at those objects allow me to find intricate similarities between their characteristics and myself, in particular the watch his mechanism, perfectionism, constance and design reflect’s my intricate personality.

A watch is an object that have been in constant evolution since the ancient times where they were just clocks primary natural or nature based and then evolved into a mechanic form, used mainly to keep track of the time.

With the progress new resources were used, materials created in lab or founded in nature built records and new meaning were attributed to the object. 

Highly balanced meaning was crafted for it, after a extensive period of research and observation from different prospectives I was able to redefine it.

In a era were clocks and watches weren’t invented our animal instinct guided us for different actions such as approximately tracking the time.

Natural clocks were used since ancient times, Sun, Moon,shadows casted by trees and the direction of the Sunflower.

With the rotation of the earth position, colours and intensity of the sun define in which period of the day is. The Moon doesn’t have a rotation itself and doesn’t emit light which makes our perception of time slower comparing with Sun, hourly, her illuminated surface changes daily and so do our perception.

Mechanic clock date 1275, being the first created in England, with and exponential evolution new clocks were created and used in public spaces not only with propose of displaying time but also astronomic references such as zodiac signs with respective position of the Sun and Moon, specially in Milan and Padova, Italy. 

Economic circumstances and new raw materials discovered allowed further evolution in the clock crafting. Influenced by Italians emigrants the era of Swiss clocks began.

The first watch created was for the Queen of Naples by Breguet which later founded the namesake watches company. 

Material such as gold, quartz, titanium and diamonds gave value, durability, prestige and create records such as the Caliber 101 the smallest mechanical watch ever created, 1929, or the Omega Speedmaster, 1969, the only watch taken to the space/Moon.  

Internal components were redesigned to fit into the already existed Mechanic, Automatic Movement and opening doors to the Electronic Movement with Seiko 35 SQ Astron by Seiko, 1969, followed by the first digital watch the Pulsar LED by Hamilton Watches Company, 1970.

Objects assume different meaning when inserted in different contexts and societies.

As for my background and culture, the 

association given to object goes far beyond the simple small watch we carry daily to keep track of the time, without deep thoughts I see perfectionism, hard work, constant evolution, history, art, culture and power.

Memories play a fundamental role when we don’t see but hear, smell or touch. 

This power granted by our senses sometimes neglected but extremely important to represent or identification.

Power. An ability which we are born with. We learn and develop since the first day of our lives. 

My association of this word to a watch came from my background were they transcend their utility as objets and became something more personal and are used to describe social status, financial independence, physical power, legacy, friendship, expression and love.

Family, friends, colleagues. 

Our motivation comes from different feelings, experiences which we develop with age and maturity.

For me, love is the most powerful source of power which gives meinspiration, motivation passion to dedicate to my work and dears, is what give me strength to proceed and improve.