Some of us describe this processes as – a Moment. Flash of light. Silver lining, or rather a more complex combination of the most random events, in a particular instant which creates or originates THE IDEA a small seed in your mind.

Does it matter where you come from or where you are going? Once this small seed, called an/the idea, is planted in your mind there is nothing that will prevent it from growing and developing inside you, just like a parasite.

Once a young man, had the dream of becoming an astronaut, so he could explore the depth of space and leave his mark in our history with great discoveries and explorations. He grew up passionate for adventures, geography and history and dedicated his life to his family and dear ones. Unfortunately his dream couldn’t turn to reality, but he kept going further and further with his idea and belief that one day he would leave is mark and let the world know who he was.

Life is not easy and sometimes taking it lightly makes you vulnerable to the most unexpected changes or events. Death showed him the most cruel side of life and stripped him of his inspirations as well. Hard times, tears, loneliness, feelings he never thought would affect him so much, the feelings of vulnerability and desperation started to take him down every time he went back home. Slowly, life started to get back into him, plans and promises he made knocked at his mind’s door, the seed that was planted a long time ago about making important changes and leaving his mark in history came to him as a BANG, as a Lightning bolt, as a cold shower on a winter morning waking up his senses.

Choices were made.

The time has come to make decisions, face consequences, so he travelled to new cities, countries and explored streets as never before, met people, surrounded himself with new faces, boiling minds. A smile became his great ally as he found his own small group of friends with whom he could exchange words, discomforts, and happiness. Slowly the seed began to grow again guiding the young boy right to his path. He found himself enrolled at university.

He understood what he had to do and inspiration began to flow through him again until that day. The day his face hits the ground again and tears of anger run down from his eyes. He asked for days, not a lot just a couple but none were given, instead they were taken from him as candies from a child. In less than three days all his belongs were packed and a ticket laid relaxed.

Tears rolled down, keys were pressed with anger, music played quietly and sadness filled the room. He cried… cried until no more tears could run down his face, he looked at the mirror and saw what he didn’t want to… his childhood, dreams, promises and deep, deep down a fragile lonely child.

The day was marked by the heavy rain and the longest journey ever taken by that boy.

He returned to where, once he was taken away, for good or for bad, life chose to send him back to where his seed was planted, where everything started. Facing his past with new eyes, looking at the reality with a different prospective, founded himself in a new office with new people this time much older than him, less friendly and less open to dreamlike conversations about life, those people were the physical representation of what he didn’t want to be.

Days, months and finally a year past.

Experience made him strong, finally he knew what he wanted. He fought a difficult inner battle and won. He spoke with whom he thought he had to and decided to face all the consequences and live his life without any regrets. A new face showed up at the office that day, a face of a strong willed man determinate to go forward and not scared of what might happened.

Without any hesitation that night, at the age of 22, he went out by himself, he wanted to find out the reason why life took him back there.

He bought a drink, Long Island, not too strong but not too delicate, bold enough to shake that slim body. He talked, danced and walked miles until new faces began to appear, new friends were made, in no time he had a girlfriend, friends who supported him. Finally, he began to understand why.

Once more the seed that had grown watered by tears finally started to bloom into marvellous flowers. The boy wasn’t ready to hold such a heavy dream on his shoulders, he had to fall.

His world, photography, painting, design was what he loved the most. Enrolled himself into a photography academy, than design and brick by brick he created his own path. A long time had passed since he felt the joy of doing something for the first time again.

To understand who we are and what we do, is what give us inner peace. The boy started to understand what was important and how he need to apply it into his life.

He began to feel “inspiration” again, a nostalgic feeling.

Joy was a feeling that the boy wasn’t used to anymore, he became apathetic, every feeling apart from sadness were just momentary illusions in his mind, he knew that and tried to change with all his might. He was already rolling down his own path a road that would take him into journey after journey, full of experiences, in the process people left his life and people came into his life. He started to be appreciated for what he was and all the apathetic was gone from him. His inspiration was back.

He fought for what belong to him, no battle was won or lost because he was still rolling down the road he created by himself, his journey to find inspiration still far from being complete but the guts to never give up is what make his seed grow, bloom into marvellous flowers.

He understood why he had to fall and go back to where the seed was to be able to make it bloom.

He moved.



Giovany J. Lourenco