Camera · Canon 700D

Lens · 50mm f2.8; 55-200mm

Software ·  Final Cut Pro X


Wild by Paradise of Lights


Street Leak Tunnel, London(Uk)


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As a final and main project, “Approach” for the Course of Experimental Film and Video, I was tasked to represent a place.

Place - Physical representation of culture and expression for all the artists, definition of who you are and what you do. My place is where legal and illegal meet, where art, urban and culture are together to manifest their anger, happiness and grace through colour, shapes and textures. 

My interest for urban culture and art and the opportunity of representing something so vast and important such as “place” made rediscover my passion for exploration, gave the opportunity of meeting amazing people with different talent and life. “Here & There” is the result of observation and understanding of the processes of film making, video structure, experimentation research/investigation and inspiration while working with my tutor Jim. For me the process behind the video is really important is the essence of video itself with process of documentation, exchange of ideas with colleagues and friends, collaborations of people that I met while recording is what define’s it, makes it unique and something on his own.